North Berkeley Imports began in 1999 when Billy Weiss purchased the tiny North Berkeley Wine shop based in Berkeley, California. Weiss quickly grew the company into a full Importer based business that today focuses on France and Italy, with over 100 producers.

While I’ve known Billy Weiss for over a decade now, primarily due to his Rhône producers, I’d never had the chance to sit down and do a broader look at his portfolio. To say I came away impressed would be an understatement. Across the board, this is one of the most impressive Importer Highlight tastings I’ve done, and the consistency and quality that Weiss is able to bring to the table is incredible.

The majority of Weiss’s Rhône producers are covered in our Regional reports, so this report focuses on his Burgundy and Italian producers. It also includes a handful of seriously good Champagne, Bandol, and Loire releases. In addition to the reviews in this report, readers can find additional information on the producers at North Berkeley Wine.

As always, thanks for reading and happy hunting!


By Jeb Dunnuck
Founder & Wine Critic
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